Is Five Tribe associated with any specific Tribe?

Our brand name "Five Tribe" was created in relation to my five family members who for three generations have been and continue to create moccasins. We are not affiliated with any actual Tribe but have respect for all.

The size/color I want is currently out of stock. Can you notify me when the shoe is available?

If the size/color you are looking for is currently out of stock, please click the customerservice@fivetribe.wpengine.com link and let us know. We will notify you when we are back in stock.

Where are FIVE TRIBE shoes made?

As we grow as a brand, we are using factories worldwide, including Mexico and China. We only source our shoes in select factories and they are all inspected by our teams for quality assurance and fair labor practices.

Why are my shoes taking so long to get here?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are currently experiencing delays due to COVID-19.

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